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Friday, January 20, 2006

Onde Onde

Nonya Kueh & Cake Recipes - Onde Onde

Nonya Kueh & Cake Recipes - Onde Onde Ingredient:
1. 15 screwpine/pandan leaves
2. 350 g glutinous rice flour/tepung pulut (sifted)
3. 200 ml water
4. 300 g palm sugar/gula melaka (chopped)
5. sufficient boiling water (for boiling kueh)
6. 1 coconut (grated white part)

Nonya Kueh & Cake Recipes - Onde-Onde Method Step By Step:
1. Cut the pandan leaves into small pieces and pound. Put the grind leaves in a bowl and pour in 50 ml. of hot water. Allow to stand for 5 minutes, then squeeze through a muslin cloth to extract juice.

2. Put the glutinous rice flour in a bowl. Pour in water and pandan juice; knead till dough is smooth and spongy to the touch.

3. Pinch a small lump of dough; roll into a ball and flatten. Put a little palm sugar in the centre and seal dough. Roll up into a ball.

4. In a pot, bring water to the boil. Drop the onde-onde balls into the boiling water.

5. When the onde-onde balls rise, remove and toss in the grated coconut. Serve on a serving plate.

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At 29/10/07 3:26 PM , Blogger Ku katakan said...

Thanx Susan for taking the time and effort to share with the rest of the world your culinary heritage!

Good work done!

Alas, i am more of an eater than a chef or baker :)

Pak Adriano,


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