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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Kueh Rengas

Nonya Kueh & Cake Recipes - Kueh Rengas

Nonya Kueh & Cake Recipes - Kueh Rengas Filling Ingredient:
1. 650 g green peas (boiled for 1 hour)
2. 1 grated coconut (white part)
3. 150 g brown sugar
4. 150 g sugar
5. ½ tsp salt
6. 120 g plain flour

Nonya Kueh & Cake Recipes - Kueh Rengas Batter Ingredient:
1. 350 g rice flour
2. 300 ml water
3. ½ tsp turmeric powder/serbuk kunyit
4. a pinch of salt
5. oil for deep-frying

Nonya Kueh & Cake Recipes - Kueh Rengas Method Step By Step:
1. To prepare filling: Drain the green peas. Add in grated coconut, brown sugar, sugar and salt. Combine mixture well. Add in flour and knead into a dough.

2. Form mixture into small balls. Press dough flat; Keep aside.

3. To prepare batter: Mix all the ingredients. Continue stirring till smooth.

4. Heat oil in a wok. Once oil is hot, dip kuih into batter; deep-fry till golden brown.

5. Remove from wok. Drain well on a paper towel and serve kueh when cool.

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