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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tapioca Kueh

Nonya Kueh & Cake Recipes - Tapioca Kueh Ingredient:
1. 1.5 kg fresh tapioca
2. 1½ tsp salt sufficient water mixed well to boil tapioca
3. 400 g palm sugar/gula melaka (dissolved in 50 ml hot water)
4. 1½ coconuts (grated white part)

Nonya Kueh & Cake Recipes - Tapioca Kueh Method Step By Step:
1. Peel tapioca and cut into bite-sized pieces. Boil tapioca in salted water till softened. Drain water.

2. Mash tapioca while still hot.

3. Mix in the melted palm sugar and combine mixture well.

4. Dish out tapioca mixture onto a flat tray. Leave mixture to stand for 2 hours.

5. Cut tapioca into small squares; roll in the grated coconut. Serve.

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