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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Nonya Kueh Dadar

Nonya Kueh and Cake Recipes - Nonya Kueh Dadar

Nonya Kueh Dadar Ingredient:
1. 200 g plain flour (sifted)
2. 1 egg
3. 300 ml thin coconut milk
4. a dash of green colouring
5. 100 ml corn oil

Nonya Kueh Dadar Filling Ingredient:
1. 1 coconut (grated white part)
2. 150 g palm sugar/gula melaka (dissolved in 30 ml hot water)
3. 11/2 tbsp sugar

Nonya Kueh Dadar Method Step By Step:
1. Combine half of the coconut milk with flour. Add in the egg, green colouring and corn oil; beat mixture till well-combined.

2. Gradually pour in the remaining coconut milk. Continue beating for 5 minutes.

3. Let batter stand for 30 minutes.

4. Heat up an omelette pan. Pour some batter onto pan.

5. Tilt the pan so that the batter is spread evenly thin. When sides turn dry and brittle, remove kuih.

6. Repeat this process till all the batter has been used up.

7. To prepare filling: Fry the grated coconut till just heated up. Add in the dissolved gula melaka and sugar; stir till mixture is well-blended.

8. When cool, spread 2 teaspoonfuls filling in the middle of the kuih. Roll up kuih and serve.

Kueh Dadar Tip:
Do not grease pan since batter contains oil.

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